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Super Spreader

A Thrilling Novel from Beginning to End


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Thomas Finch, a rebellious doctor, finds himself the subject of a global manhunt, wanted for the murder of one of the most beloved figures in public health. When a miraculous healing technology is unveiled, set to forever fuse the relationship between science and faith, its founders make the doctor a deal he can’t refuse: they will cure his daughter of a debilitating injury—if he’ll turn himself in.

With a disturbing pattern of suicides beginning to appear, the doctor—already suspicious of a world-wide vaccination program pushed on an unsuspecting public in the wake of a recent pandemic—begins to believe another, more nefarious, plan is underway; his harrowing adventure to uncover and stop it frustrated by a heart condition he fears could kill him at any moment.

Best-selling author Forrest Maready takes a break from his non-fiction work for this stunning thriller that pits the lone doctor, hated by many for his unorthodox views, against the global powers that seek to control. Super Spreader is a wild ride from page one all the way to the thrilling end.


Just finished The Moth and wanted to say you’ve done it again. I had no idea polio was such an interesting story! Please consider doing smallpox next!


Very engagingly written, and HARD to put down! I’ll update when I’m done with the book.

D. Thynes

Hard to put this book down! Many people think they know all they need to know about polio, but this book presents its hidden real history in an engaging way, juxtaposing apparently unrelated stories of local life with medical theories and developments, all culminating in revelations that will make you question everything you’ve ever been told about this fearsome disease.

Highly recommended!


This is a brilliant work. Beautifully told, the story consists of many diverse threads of history, and Forrest Maready weaves them together into the logical fabric of truth that all can now easily understand.


Couldn’t put it down. A most important book. On par with Rachel Carson’s landmark book, Silent Spring.


The Moth in the Iron Lung reads like a suspense thriller of community health.  A brilliant and easy book to read!



Forrest is working on a book to be released soon which will complete a thematic trilogy of infection and disease that started with The Moth in the Iron Lung and The Autism Vaccine. Sign-up to be notified about this exciting new project!