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Sorrow of the Godmakers

Magic, Mystery, and the Death of the First Commandment


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You shall have no other gods before me. Does the first commandment serve any purpose for Christians today? What if the first commandment was meant to serve against a much bigger danger to Christianity than just the gods of Egypt and Rome? What if it was considered paramount because of a very specific threat that still torments the Christian faith today?

Sorrow of the Godmakers proposes that superstition—specifically human conjecture about the nature of God—has always presented the greater peril. What God put simply, humans would complicate. What the Bible stated clearly, philosophers and theologians would confuse. The one God of the Old Testament was refashioned into a three-personed deity even the world’s greatest pastors cannot explain. Godmakers tells the incredible story of how the first commandment, meant to curb and such conjecture, has suffered unlike any other, essentially put to death by the philosophers and theologians who claim to be its greatest defenders.


Just finished The Moth and wanted to say you’ve done it again. I had no idea polio was such an interesting story! Please consider doing smallpox next!


Very engagingly written, and HARD to put down! I’ll update when I’m done with the book.

D. Thynes

Hard to put this book down! Many people think they know all they need to know about polio, but this book presents its hidden real history in an engaging way, juxtaposing apparently unrelated stories of local life with medical theories and developments, all culminating in revelations that will make you question everything you’ve ever been told about this fearsome disease.

Highly recommended!


This is a brilliant work. Beautifully told, the story consists of many diverse threads of history, and Forrest Maready weaves them together into the logical fabric of truth that all can now easily understand.


Couldn’t put it down. A most important book. On par with Rachel Carson’s landmark book, Silent Spring.


The Moth in the Iron Lung reads like a suspense thriller of community health.  A brilliant and easy book to read!



Forrest is working on a book to be released soon which will complete a thematic trilogy of infection and disease that started with The Moth in the Iron Lung and The Autism Vaccine. Sign-up to be notified about this exciting new project!