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Red Pill Gospel

Christianity, before it was ruined by Christians.


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As Christianity, the world’s most popular religion, approaches its 2,000-year anniversary, more have begun to question mainstream dogma than ever before. Whether political corruption, scientific fraud, medical tyranny, or many other topics, humans are waking up to the fact that much of what they were promised to be true was instead deception—lies meant to cloud the truth and give power to those who deceived them. This realization has caused many to question whether global warming is a man-made phenomenon. It has caused millions of parents to reconsider vaccines—once considered a sacrosanct rite of passage for any newborn child.

What if the Christianity we were taught was similarly misrepresented? Within a few hundred years after the resurrection of Jesus, distortions began to creep into Christianity from the pagan belief systems which surrounded it. Over the course of hundreds of years, man-made doctrines have accumulated and warped the Christian faith so drastically many of its early believers would scarcely recognize it. The world’s most popular religion is a far cry from the message Jesus preached through villages and towns during his ministry. For those unafraid to look, Red Pill Gospel peels back the layers of lies man has added to the gospel and reveals the beautiful hope inside.


Forrest is working on a book to be released soon which will complete a thematic trilogy of infection and disease that started with The Moth in the Iron Lung and The Autism Vaccine. Sign-up to be notified about this exciting new project!